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Emily è costretta ad affrontare una compagna di squadra di nuoto che si sente minacciata dal suo ritorno nel team. Aria e Ezra organizzano il loro primo appuntamento in pubblico. Hanna intanto è ancora manipolata da 'A' e Spencer chiede aiuto al fratello di Ali, Jason. Tweet. Vedi l'episodio . Stagione 1 Episodio 14 : Fai attenzione a ciò che desideri 11201. A scuola stanno organizzando un

Pretty Little Liars S1 en VF et VOSTFR. Quatre adolescentes reçoivent de mystérieux messages d'une ancienne amie qui a disparu un an plus tôt

Season seven of ABC’s thriller Pretty Little Liars has come to an end, revealing the identity of mysterious blackmailing villain, previously known only as “A.D.” ** Spoilers for "Till Death Pretty Little Liars series finale: Who is A.D.? | 28/06/2017 · Pretty Little Liars Four little liars and a being named “A” (who may or may not be the fifth little liar) try to live their lives in Rosewood. It’s complicated. Pretty Little Liars: A.D. Is Revealed in Series Finale ... A.D. may have driven off into the sunset on last week’s Pretty Little Liars, but they were back in full force for Tuesday’s series finale — and just in time to reveal their true identit…

voirsérie Pretty Little Liars streaming Regarder série Pretty Little Liars en streaming Pretty Little Liars vf et vostfr Pretty Little Liars en streaming gratuit Pretty Little Liars HD qualit é Pretty Little Liars openload Pretty Little Liars streamango telecharger la série Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars 1fichier Pretty Little Liars uptobox SerieStream Pretty Little Liars. format Pretty Little Liars : qui est A ? Découvrez (enfin !) sa ... A (Pretty Little Liars) - Wikipedia "A" is a fictional character created in 2006 by author Sara Shepard. It is a character of both Pretty Little Liars' books and television series, and primarily appears as a stalker and the main antagonist of the stories. "A" is one of the main characters of the stories, appearing anonymously in the majority of the episodes and books. On sait qui est A.D dans Pretty Little Liars -

“Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 Finale Spoilers: Who is … Pretty Little Liars Season 7 will wrap the series up with a nerve-racking two-hour finale on Tuesday, June 27.The show’s creators have promised that all of fans’ questions will be answered —especially the identity of the terrifying AD who is tormenting and torturing the girls. The A-Team | Pretty Little Liars Wiki | Fandom The possibility of a team of more than one "A" tormenting the Liars was practically unheard of. Both the fans and the Liars were of the belief that "A" is only one person.This was mostly due to the fact that in the books, "A" (book character) is only one person, and a team of people has never been used in the books. However, despite its team status, the "A" or rather the person in the black Pretty Little Liars Wiki | Fandom Pretty Little Liars is a series of young adult novels by Sara Shepard and a TV series that aired on Freeform from 2010 to 2017. The series follows the lives of four teenage girls — Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, and Spencer Hastings — whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their leader, Alison DiLaurentis.One year later, after the discovery of Ali's body, they

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Jun 28, 2017 (Hence the initials A.D.) Some PLL super-fans who believed in the "Twincer" theory were happy to see their hypothesis proven true, but the  Jun 28, 2017 A.D. was finally unmasked in tonight's 'Pretty Little Liars' series finale, and it will shock you. Details here. Jun 29, 2017 Pretty Little Liars revealed that Spencer had an evil British twin this be “A.D.,” stemming from a bonkers family history that culminated in Alex  Jun 30, 2017 Just because Pretty Little Liars is over doesn't mean we've reached the end of its mysteries. Even after consuming the show's epic two-hour  Jun 27, 2017 I. Marlene King, the showrunner for “Pretty Little Liars,” discusses the so any readers who don't want to know the identity of A.D., the latest “A,”  May 11, 2017 Tuesday's episode of Pretty Little Liars, titled "Power Play," revealed that, whatever A.D. has over Aria, it might be the thing that switches her  Jun 27, 2017 “Pretty Little Liars” finally unmasked the mysterious A.D. midway through Tuesday's series finale, and it was a doozy. After a few misdirects, 

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